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Canada’s construction sector is an engine of economic growth. Investments in new infrastructure creating lasting community assets, support business growth and improve the quality of life for all Canadians.

About us

About Us

CIQS is the premier professional association that sets the highest standard for construction and infrastructure economics in Canada. Designated Professional Quantity Surveyors (PQS) and Construction Estimator Certified (CEC) professionals counsel building owners, developers, designers and contractors at throughout the construction industry supply chain from design, procurement and construction process to help ensure a return on investment is delivered. In this economic climate, Professional Quantity Surveyors and Construction Estimator Certified professionals are more valued than ever as an integral part of the building and construction process. Not only do we play a key role in ensuring infrastructure investment is protected and efficient, our members daily identify opportunities and efficiencies that deliver benefits to the triple bottom-line.

Delivering Value

Investing in infrastructure builds lasting community assets, stimulates the economy, and provides good paying jobs to Canadians. In the coming decades, governments will make hundreds of billions of dollars worth in investments in our infrastructure as we move towards a net-zero future. With so much being invested, providing value for tax-payers dollars is essential.

CIQS designated professionals (Professional Quantity Surveyor and Construction Estimator Certified) are construction economists who deliver accurate cost forecasting for tomorrow’s infrastructure needs.  We work with financial institutions, architects, engineers, lawyers, developers and government, adding value to the overall project lifecycle by establishing project cost baselines, and ensuring that project costs are accurately estimated.

Our Recommendations

  1. CIQS recommends that the federal government commit to engaging in early collaborative stakeholder engagement with industry experts on all federal infrastructure projects. This will provide cost assurance and best value to taxpayers and ensure that the return on investment is maximized.

  2. CIQS recommends that the federal government move forward with its commitment to the National Infrastructure Assessment of an independent advisory body, with Construction Economist’s involvement entrenched in Canada’s ongoing and long-term infrastructure plans.

  3. CIQS recommends that the federal government progresses the implementation of statutory Prompt Payment legislation in a manner that is current, relevant and consistent for the benefit of a sustainable supply chain.

Advocacy through Push Politics is a vital tool for driving social and policy change in today's world. In a society flooded with information, it's not enough to simply raise awareness; one must actively push for change. Push Politics involves proactively engaging with policymakers, government officials, and the public to promote the implementation of Prompt Payment Legislation across Canada.

Timely payment is critical for sustaining businesses and supporting economic stability. By sending advocacy letters, individuals and organizations can assert their rights and demand prompt resolution, preventing financial strain and potential legal battles.

For further information regarding current legislation that has been implemented or are awaiting implementation in Canada, please see the following links.

Federal Government

Canada: Federal Prompt Payment for Construction Work Act

Provincial Governments

Alberta: The Builders' Lien (Prompt Payment) Amendment Act, 2020

Nova Scotia: Builder's Lien Act (amended)

Ontario: Construction Act


Saskatchewan: The Builder's Lien (Prompt Payment) Amendment Act, 2019 and The Builder's Lien Amendment Regulations, 2020

Advocacy and Prompt Payment

The problem & solution

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